Parable Arts was established to specialise in solo-performances and small-scale, intimate storytelling productions; bringing hidden and half-remembered stories to light and providing them a platform to shine.  This “Guerrilla Storytelling” style means Parable can go where other performers can’t, popping up anywhere and anywhen; never leaving any area quite the same.

A moment of togetherness, more than a performance
— Fringe guru

The beginning

Founded in 2015, Parable Arts is the brainchild of Jon Buckeridge, a veteran theatre actor who wanted to explore and develop the art of stripped-back, solo storytelling. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Jon was uniquely interested in the distilled heart of all performance: simply a person with a story to share. Unable to let that interest lie, Parable Arts was born.

Today Parable Arts has earned a reputation for finely honed, riveting, and hilarious storytelling performances, creating characters with their craft, and weaving worlds with their words.