We're always excited to take performances as far and wide as possible, and have provided some more information to help below. If you're interested in bringing the show to your event or venue then please get in touch using the form below.


one of the most fascinating, humorous and technically brilliant performances I can remember... ever!
— Event Coordinator - Bristol Folk Association


Unless otherwise stated, productions are entirely performed by one actor, which makes them highly flexible and can be tailored to suit any event and programme as required. The running time and flexibility of each show is outlined on each of the production pages.  Some pieces, such as The Forgotten Tales, can also be broken up and told in isolated modules throughout an event, or told as pop-up pieces to give a more troubadour-style performance.

...we couldn’t have booked a better company to start our winter season; it has been an absolute pleasure working with Parable Arts.
— Venue Manager: Elim Arts Centre


Our pieces are designed to be very universal, seamlessly blending comedy, drama, tension and tragedy.  We aim to make shows equally well suited to an audience of adults or an audience of mixed ages, though a rough age/suitability guideline for each show is outlines at the bottom of the production pages. Obviously these are always at parental discretion as some stories do incorporate otherworldly and ethereal characters (in a few cases there are some downright evil antagonists) which younger audience members may find scary, but there is nothing that we’ve ever found to shock or upset anyone, and there are no themes or messages that are too overtly adult. 

The show drew new audiences and put us in contact with members of the public and customers we had not yet reached with other work so we were delighted with Parables Arts’ The Forgotten Tales and highly recommend both the company and show.
— Venue coordinator, Worcestershire


We'll take shows to almost any sort of venue, and we're always keen to find a new place to perform. This style of traditional storytelling, combined with the use of live music, gives an irresistibly intimate atmosphere, so it is best suited to spaces that can accommodate and encourage this environment. Alongside established theatres and arts centres, venues have included community centres, coffee-shops, pubs, libraries, art galleries, a magistrates court, a chapel with acoustics to make a strong man weep for joy, a festival tent, and an absolutely charming bookshop with just enough space for 13 audience members if people were willing to get cosy! Get in touch to see if your venue could be the next one to add to this quirky list.

Lighting and sound can be provided, if necessary, so minimum requirements will be some clear performance space and a two power sources (ideally on separate ring mains if possible).



All pricing is flexible to the requirements and capacities of your venue and event, and can operate in a flat fee per show (with discounts available for multiple performances) or a box-office split or profit-share. Please get in touch below to get a quote for your event.

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